In the wake of the devastation and loss caused by the Black Saturday bushfire, home and business owners are looking for a solution that will help protect their property while they head for safety.

Bushfire Protect™ is an advanced system that removes the difficult decision of whether to stay or go.  The system will ‘fight the fight’ enabling property owners to flee from the danger zone.

Features of Bushfire Protect™:

  • Developed in consultation with bushfire protection design group – members include CSIRO, state fire services and fire engineers.
  • Innovative sprinkler design capable of efficiently dousing any structure with water in all directions.
  • Flame Sniffer Technology™ sensors detects ember and flame attack.
  • BlazeTamer™ is a non-toxic and environmentally friendly fire retardant. It is automatically mixed into the water when the pump is activated.
  • Automatically starts and operates without human intervention.
  • Energy efficient and completely standalone without the need for externally supplied power or water.

Storm Sustainability will be simultaneously launching Bushfire Protect™ in Australia and California. “With large fires in Europe and North America, Australian experience in bushfires is increasingly sought after. With Bushfire Protect™, many home and business owners will now be able to protect their homes and lives.” said Jerry Gross, CEO.

For more details contact:

Karen Betts

1300 791 915

About Bushfire Protect: Bushfire Protect™ is supplied and installed throughout Australia and America by Storm Sustainability. Storm Sustainability is a consulting, contracting, design and installation company with a long standing reputation for delivering sustainable water, solar and monitoring solutions of the highest standard.