Sunskool is compliant with NSSP’s mandatory data visualisation and monitoring standards

As part of recent consultation with the renewable energy industry and state education agencies, the data requirements for renewable energy systems funded by the National Solar Schools Program (NSSP) have been clarified. These requirements are documented in the Data Collection, Storage and Visualisation System Requirements and Specifications (DCSVS).

The DCSVS have been prepared as a ‘minimum specification’ to meet the NSSP requirements for the collection and storage of schools’ electricity consumption data and renewable energy generation data, as well as the visualisation of this data within schools.

Storm Sustainability is pleased to announce that the Sunskool solar in schools monitoring system has received approval for six key DCSVS components. All NSSP claims made by schools after June1 2009 must include approved components to be valid. To view the Sunskool system live go to

Sunskool dashboard

Pricing can be effective in managing demand

Pricing, along with restictions has been proven to be a very effective lever in managing the demand for water. Australia has tested this for over 10 years. Here in the US, the debate continues. Read more.

CA water deliveries to increase, at a price


Allocations to water agencies will be increased by 5% thanks to storms in late February and March. But officials caution that deliveries will still be far less than normal. At the same time, price increases, which will go into effect June 1 unless blocked by the City Council, will raise second-tier rates by 44%. Read more.

Dominique get’s it..

As a guest author on sramana mitra’s blog, Dominique is writing a series on water shortages and the opportunities that exist and are still developing.  The key message from Dominique is that to solve our water challenge there will not be a single silver bullet solution, but rather a variety of solutions that encompass both macro and micro demand and supply that include infrastructure, technology and policy. Read more.

California Green Corps


The Governor is putting money where his…well you know what I mean.  Read More