St Michael’s Grammar solar power installation




After: 27 x 205 watt solar modules


Sisters Building: 20 X 205 watt solar modules

The installation of the school’s new solar power system on the Sisters Building is now complete. This latest addition to the school’s sustainability portfolio comprises 47 x 205 Watt high efficiency solar panels capable of producing  9.635 kW under peak conditions. The system is forecast to provide an annual average of 38.5 kW hours of energy per day whilst preventing approx 15 tonnes of Greenhouse Gasses  entering the atmosphere annually.

Funding for the complete system was provided in its entirety by the Australian Government’s National Solar in Schools Program in conjunction with the Victorian Government’s Victorian Solar in Schools program.

Coordination of the project has been the work of Melanie Johnson. Her work on this project has spanned over 10 months and involved lengthy communication with Federal and State  government agencies, electricity network operators and others.

Design and installation services were provided by Storm Sustainability. Storm provided an end to end solution ensuring  a sensitive design solution and a  high quality outcome.

A key element of Storm’s system is the ability to capture performance data from the system together with environmental data from instrumentation installed adjacent to the array.

This data is presented graphically  in real-time on a web based educational platform created by Storm called Sunskool.

Sunskool enables teaching staff to take the solar power off the rooftop and into the classroom.  The Sunskool site also contains engaging  animations describing how solar panels work as well as other educational resources.

Another key element of the system is that it also monitors the entire power consumption of the Sisters Building in real-time so we can understand how much energy we are using and look at ways we might improve our use of this resource.

St Michael’s Sunskool dashboard is available on this link:

Complete Excel format data sets are also downloadable via a secure login. These sets will be useful to use in higher level classroom activities once sufficient data is accumulated. The login details may be obtained from Melanie.  If anyone would like a detailed demonstration of the Sunskool portal, this may be provide by Storm Sustainability.

10kW installation St Michaels Grammar School

St Michaels PV InstallationStorm Sustainability are currently completing a PV installation  at St Michaels Grammar School. One of our largest  and certainly our most technical. The panels have been integarted into the architecture (see image)

In  addition to the array on the images there is another going in at the rear of the building.

The installation went ahead over the weekend in 45+ knot winds. More details after the completion of the project.

For more details please contact us unsing the online for call 1300 791 915 (int +613 8825 5100)